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Construction Clean Up

Construction Clean Up

When you hire LAMONI SERVICES to do the all-important final clean to make a house truly move-in ready, you've just assured that the owner won't have to clean one thing. They'll feel like they got the royal treatment ... and their money's worth.

During a final clean, we prep and then thoroughly clean the entire house, inside and out. It's the kind of special touch that helps build your business by word of mouth from very satisfied customers.

Clean Inside after construction

Sweep all areas
Sweep bathtubs, showers, floors, and cabinets (inside and out) to get as much dirt as possible up and out of the house

Vacuum all surfaces
High-power vacuum all surfaces, window sills (inside and out), baseboards, air vents, and cabinets (inside and out) to suck up any little material piece left, dirt, and fine dust.

Thoroughly clean.